Deborah Collier

John Lewis

John Lewis was one of the first clients Deborah attracted via the Echo E-Business Course Bookings web site.

In 2009, Deborah was invited to develop a Web Merchandising/Multi-Channel Merchandising Course for leading UK department store chain John Lewis. During the relationship building process she offered the partnership an opportunity to sample training on one of her public courses, which generated positive feedback. Deborah worked collaboratively with John Lewis Learning & Development team to come up with a proposal and agenda which closely fitted their needs and objectives. Deborah was delighted to win this project for her company which was a fledgling small business at the time. She has always appreciated this opportunity, which helped kick-start the training arm of her organisation.

The multi-channel merchandising program which brought together both digital and non-digital teams in a shared learning experience, contributed as part of a wider John Lewis strategy, to increase sales by £60.6 million.


Testimonials for courses Deborah delivered are included in a downloadable PDF

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In late 2015, Deborah handed over all non-strategic training to her team who have now joined The Certificate in Online Business.