South African Post Office - E-Business Leadership Course

Digital Marketing Manager

COB Certified E-Business Manager Program Case Study

In 2013, The South African Post Office commissioned an on-site course from Deborah to their new e-business leadership team - Group Executive and management team. She delivered the industry-recognised COB Certified E-Business Manager Program, a consultative certification course that she developed in 2008, (A course now run by training & enbablement team at The Certificate in Online Business, and Licensed Training Providers globally). The course which includes a day on E-Business Strategy, Planning and Management, also included training on E-Commerce Planning, Content Strategy & Customer Experience, as well as an Introduction to Digital Marketing. The comprehensive course gave the team a broad knowledge of the key elements that are brought together for successful online business.

Here's some of the feedback received:-

Albert Olivier

""I would certainly recommend the COB Certified E-Business Manager program. I think it establishes a wide base of competency and understanding across a number of key issues relevant to E-Business and hands E-Business managers the keys to successfully deploy, and manage a successful online business.

I found the course insightful and very relevant. Presentations were engaging and thought provoking, and the engaging style of content delivery promoted understanding. Above all, I experienced the content as current and in line with times through the use of pertinent real world examples, which is critical in this business sphere. The course promotes an understanding of the critical elements of, which speaks to my role in the organisation. Further to this, it underlines the importance of E-Risk management and factors to mitigate, which is valuable and applicable to many facets of our business."

Albert Olivier, Acting Senior Manager E-Business Operations, South African Post Office


"The experience I had of the COB Certified E-Business Manager Program was remarkable, and very fulfilling. Being introduced to the world of E-Business was worth the investment. The e-business strategy and planning elements were particularly interesting, as it required a shift in mind-set from the traditional strategy management planning. I recommend this course, as it not only taps into the commerce element, but also on how efficiency can be achieved through automation".

Portia Matsena, Acting General Manager Commercial, South African Post Office