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During 2008 - 2015, Deborah Colliier and her company Echo E-Business were not only active on social media, but also invested in effective public relations to help position and demonstrate both the founder (as figurehead) and company's expertise. The initiatives involved not only interviews, but gaining exposure to Deborah's insights published in leading publications, and as columnist for 'Start Your Business Magazine'. This was achieved through careflul selection of SME targeted PR company, and a larger corporate focused PR company. One successful activity was the production and promotion of a collaborative white paper with senior leaders from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, John Lewis, J.P. Morgan, Cancer Research UK and Linden Lab. Echo E-Business engaged a PR company to produce and promote the white paper, which included insights and e-business predictions written by Deborah.

Deborah also posted SEO optimised online press releases (of less prominant news), using press release writing skills she had learned on a music marketing and pr course in her earlier career.

E-Business Evolution White Paper

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