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Echo E-Business was a group of consulting, training, management and publishing companies operating 2007 - 2016 and founded by Deborah Collier, who further to hands-on work with clients (e-business strategy, e-commerce and marketing consulting, and training) was Chief Executive & Marketing Officer.


  • Online acquisition of SME and blue-chip clients such as Procter & Gamble Schneider, Electric, Kenwoood, Omani Government, Croatia Airlines, Royal Canin (Mars), Chapman Entertainment, Warner, Thales-Raytheon, Oman and Scottish Governments, The Dune Group, Delta Airlines, Brady Corporation, Saudi Stock Exchange, South African Post Office, House of Fraser, Zain Telecom and more
  • Entire responsibility for business development
  • Led team of marketing and strategy managers, consultants and experts, and a digital supplier network
    Developed a Multi-Channel Merchandising Program for John Lewis, which contributed (as part of their own wider strategy), to a £60.6 million increase in online sales.
  • Developed numerous advertising and marketing strategies, including an advertising strategy for a leading mobile phone brand with £5million budget to achieve over 200,000 handsets sales and subsequent associated service and download sales.
  • Gained agreement from CTO/Director level leaders to participate in a white paper with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, John Lewis, J.P. Morgan, Cancer Research UK,, which included Deborah's future predictions for E-Business (Featured in the media e.g. Telegraph)
  • Development of consultative bespoke courses and workshops for marketing, e-commerce and E-Business leaders (Manager/Director level) programs to drive sales and optimize ROI
  • Co-ordinated team of trainers to deliver high-quality digital marketing, strategic and e-commerce training

Echo E-Business Corporate Web Site


Echo E-Business Web Sites and Event Bookings

Imagery selection
SEO Web Writing
Development selection and direction
Hands-on production
Event booking and e-commerce
Online advertising
Email marketing
Content-led marketing

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Echo E-Business Training Guide - Produced by Deborah Collier and Graphic Designer


Echo E-Business Training Brochure

Concept and structure
Imagery selection
Marketing copy
Designer selection and direction
Customer Engagement
Print and Digital Editions

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Deborah Grant Herbal Medicine/ Medicine4Animals

Content Strategy & Customer Experience
SEO strategy
Supplier selection and management
Case Study Writing
Audience Education

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