This case study showcases what is believed to be the first ever e-commerce enabled art shop, which was developed in 2001 - 2002 for a physical fine art shop located in Windsor UK. This project demonstrates how far e commerce and e-commerce technology has evolved in 15-years. The E-commerce store was built by Deborah, site design and graphics by her web designer, and high-quality photography by a skilled product photographer.

This simple store was one of the first online stores built by Deborah through the e-commerce agency she founded and led. She integrated with a leading payment gateway provider partnered with her company. Experience from this and other projects, as well as Deborah's prior work as an employee at larger organisations, helped win Deborah a full-time Client Relationship Manager/Consulting job at PriceWaterhouseCoopers web enablement team, where she worked for 2-years, advising, consulting, training and leading projects and workstreams for PwC marketing and online teams around the globe.

Deborah and her team were responsible for the construction, e commerce implementation, e commerce training only, and had no influence over the brand name, textual copy or marketing.

Homepage designed by Deborah's web designerEvents page showcasing minimalist design from team designer

E-Commerce Store Section - Construction Deborah Collier E-Commerce Store - Construction Deborah Collier

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