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Thomas International Personal Profile Assessment - Pyschometric Analysis - Deborah Collier

During the process of consideration for an Interim Marketing Director opportunity, talent acquisition, engagement and development company, Thomas International. completed a report on Deborah Collier. Extracts have been included here which may be helpful when considering hiring Deborah's services.

What Can Deborah Collier Bring to Your Organisation According to the Thomas International Report?

"Miss Deborah Collier has several important values that she is capable of contributing to most organisations. She will willingly seek to assume authority, expedite action and achieve profitable results. In addition, she possesses attributes that enable her to influence, persuade and motivate others in an assertive yet friendly manner. These important skills can best be summarised as the ability to accomplish personal and corporate goals working with and through others".

Thomas International report describes Deborah as "Competitive, self-starter, individualistic, friendly, enthusiastic, challenging, mobile, alert, demanding, forceful, driving and assertive".

Thomas International report describes Deborah as having the following characteristics professionally:-

  • "Driving and forceful but considers people.
  • Results orientated.
  • Enjoys challenging situations.
  • Competitive by nature.
  • Looks for the opportunity for business advancement.
  • Displays confidence in most situations.
  • Looks for a quick result.
  • Ventures into the unknown and questions the status quo.
  • Enjoys a wide-scope-operation"

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