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Deborah M. Collier

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How Can I help You

Alongside my role as President & Chief Marketing / Information Officer at The Certificate in Online Business, I can help your organisation, on an interim or part-time basis.

Non-Executive Director / Lay Board Member
Do you need executive advice, help with strategy, impartial opinion or access to powerful contacts? As your non-executive director, I will be a non-board director acting in an advisory capacity only, and can work for you as little as 1-2 days per month. Typically, I will attend monthly board meetings to offer impartial advice. I won't be involved in the day-to-day management of your company, but I will monitor executive activities, and contribute to development strategy and performance risk. Helping your business and board connect with networks of useful people and organisations is an important function I can help with. My experience setting up and running companies, as well as helping others strategically, is useful experience I can bring to your business. Finallly, if you market my presence it will help to deliver additional trust from customers, partners, suppliers and investors. I will support you with this through my online and social media presence.  How does it work? >>

Chief Information and Marketing Officer (CIMO)
Why hire two people when you can hire one to do both roles, saving time with decision-making and lowering your resource costs? Let me contribute my capabilities, skills, qualifications and experience in both technical (information systems), and commercial (marketing, strategic, creative) fields to your organisation. Gain over 25-years varied industry experience in IT, marketing, business, e-commerce and online selling, strategy, e-business, project management, digital transformation and more. Find out more >>

Interim Marketing Director/Digital Business Director
As an interim marketing or digital business leader, I can help you during lengthy staff absence such as maternity/paternity leave or illness, sabbatcal or when new leadership is urgently required. Whether you require a specialist to lead digital transformation, to drive new launches, restructure and build your team, or seek effective ways to increase return-on-investment, I can help on a full-time contract basis or mutually agreed days, depending on your needs. Bio and C.V. >>

Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Digital Officer
Are you a well-funded start-up are you a larger more established organisation? Need a marketing/digital leader to help drive your business forward? I can help you by developing effective marketing and online strategy, sourcing, building and leading a powerful marketing team, and acquiring high-quality suppliers. Bio and C.V. >>

Strategic Consulting - E-Business, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, E-Commerce

I can also help as an independent advisor or on a consultative basis for specific projects such as strategic planning, team structuring and business process, for example. I can be hired for the occasional day, half-day session, or serious of phone sessions. Find out more >>