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Influencer Social Media Posts

Below: Week in February 2019 Retweets of Deborah's posts had an audience reach of 3.6-Million.


As a niche online influencer with a high-profile media and business following, Deborah is able to post selected sponsored posts. (30K+ Twitter following with 3.6-million weekly retweet reach).

The following are an example of suitable sponsored postings (subject to approval):-


Launch of educational technology, service or initiative (Not competing with London Learning Consortium - UK apprenticeships and traineeships. Not competing with The Certiifcate in Online Business or it's partners in relation to Digital or Marketing Skills).


Digital, Education of Business Support / Service Initiative or News


Audience appropriate services, products or support to help businesses and entrepreneurship. For example: recruitment / advertising.


Technology and digital services to support business or government
Social network and tech giant news affecting business (For example: advertising or e-commerce)

Please note, that to comply for the laws any commercial posts will be marked as sponsored and not a an endorsement of any products or services.

A post to Deborah's following has been priced by a specialist agent at $230 per individual tweet. Deborah recommends a campaign comprising of a series of tweets, or timed retweets throughout a week long campaign.

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