Deborah Collier

Key Skills

Business strategy
E-Business & E-Commerce Strategic Planning
Digital, Brand and Multi-Channel Marketing & Advertising Strategy
Presentation, Negotiation, Sales Skills
B2C, B2B and B2G/Partnership Marketing
Brand, Product Development & Licensing
International Commerce
Digital Distribution
CRM and Business Development
Team Leadership and Development
Hands-on Marketing & Digital Marketing
Content Strategy and Online Customer Engagement
Written Communications

Training Leading Brands (E-Business, Online Selling & Digital Marketing)

John Lewis
Three (Hutchison 3G UK)
South African Post Office
Procter & Gamble
Ernst & Young
House of Fraser
Croatia Airlines
Historic Scotland
Schneider Electric Europe & China
Saudi Stock Exchange - Tadawul
Hartmann Group
Royal Canin (A Mars company)
Ministry of Education Oman
The Dune Group
Saudi Post
Saudi Airlines Catering
Mansard Insurance Plc Nigeria
Saudi Investment Bank
Zain Telecom
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce
Delta Airlines
Brady Corporation
Information Technology Authority - Government of Oman

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Key Achievements

Some of Deborah's achievements include:-

  • Multi-channel acquisition of large international clients with limited budget through optimized spend
  • Strategic development of an online community of over 100,000 members, product and service development and positioning to attract major educational partners and investment
  • Successfully completed corporate restructure to boost financial investment
  • Developed E-Business and marketing strategic planning methodologies used by leading organisations around the globe
  • Brand creation and development of series of industry-recognized management certifications in E-Business, e-commerce and digital marketing
  • Listed in Worlds 'Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers'
  • Development of relationships with C-Level leaders at well-known organisations as well as SMEs around the globe
  • Authored a number of educational books and management courses in marketing and E-Business, as Deborah M. Collier, purchased by large brand and government organizations, as well as SMEs, to educate their staff
  • Developed and nurtured a newsletter mailing list of over 200,000 subscribers through content-led marketing over a 7-year period, prior to handing role over to a manager in my team
  • Acquired over 13K Twitter followers with limited carefully targeted organic activity and high-quality content-led marketing
  • Generation of over £120K event bookings through limited organic social media marketing
  • Grew a consulting firm from zero to a £1M+ net value sustaining salaries for a team of skilled professionals

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Case Studies

The below showcase relevant non-confidential activity, sample work and case studies from throughout Deborah's business, digital and marketing career 2001-2017. The hands-on work is valuable experience that Deborah brings on board when forumulating strategy and leading teams.


Solely Original 2017

Solely Original

Keywords: branding, fashion, shoes, online retail, fashion tech, startup, customer experience, engagement

Case Study >>


The Certificate in Online Business 2016 - 2017

The Certificate in Online Business Logo

Keywords: business planning, investment acquisition, strategic planning, branding, product development, pricing strategy, partnership, licensing, e commerce certification, e business certification, digital marketing certification, social media, advertising strategy, recruitment, intellectual property protection, digital transformation, recruitment, business development

Case Study >>


Work at Echo E-Business Companies 2007 - 2015

Echo E-Business Logo

Keywords: corporate restructure, investment acquisition, business planning, marketing strategy, team leadership, supplier selection, branding, client acquisition, digital marketing, bespoke training. consulting, event marketing, event e commerce bookings, online strategy, content strategy, client case studies, brochure development, public relations, artistic direction, project management, multi-media advertising, blue-chip clients, b2b, b2g

Case Studies >> 

South African Post Office 2013

South African Post Office

Keywords: e-business strategy, e business leadership course

Case Study >> 

Learn E-Business (Publishing) and 2015 Logo - Learn E-Business Publishing

Keywords: strategic planning, online community, e-learning, product development, branding, digital transformation, digital media productization, e business strategy, e commerce, digital marketing, business analysis, requirements development, banner ads, publishing, partnerships, certification, email marketing, content-led marketing

Case Studies >>     

PriceWaterhouseCoopers - 2002 - 2003


Keywords: marketing strategy, online strategy, content strategy, risk management, consulting, accessibility

Download Case Study (PDF 360KB) >> 

Three (Hutchison 3G) - 2013-2014


Keywords: online commercial performance, e commerce management training

Case Study >> 

Seagate - 2014


Keywords: social media strategy, e commerce sales optimization, online seling course

Case Study >>

Deborah Grant Herbal Medicine and Medicine4Animals 2009

Deborah Grant Herbal Medicine

Keywords: branding, e commerce, content strategy, customer experience, wireframing, seo strategy, supplier selection, supplier management, consultancy, case study writing, audience education

Medicine4Animals - A Deborah Grant Herbal Medicine Brand

Keywords: branding, dot com seo branding, content strategy

Download Case Study (PDF 2.97MB)

John Lewis (Leading UK Department Store Chain) 2009

John Lewis

Keywords: web merchandising, multi-channel merchandising course,, sales optimisation

Case Study >>

Record Label, Artist and Music Portal 2005 - 2007

Madam Music Logo

Keywords: marketing strategy, branding, celebrity interviews, album reviews, content-led marketing, mobile e-commerce, product development, product marketing, artist marketing, public relations, advertising, event marketing, supplier selection, partnerships

Case Studies >>  

Keywords: music A&R, branding, product development, digiital distribution, partnership marketing, marketing strategy, product launch marketing, event marketing, web development, digital marketing, sponsorship, supplier selection and management, press, pr, tv, radio

Case Study >>  

The First Ever E-Commerce Enabled Fine Art Shop - 2001

Keywords: e-commerce development, web development, web merchandiser trainer, e commerce systems, payment processing providers, web design, e commerce pioneer

Historical Interest Case Study >>